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This site was dedicated to my collection of BriSCA F1 photographs. I have now started a new site called stockcarGOLD which can now be accessed from the link here or the banner above.

Although for the time being the existing gallery will remain here I will only be maintaining the gallery over at stockcarGOLD so that will be where you can find the latest updates and other stockcar related matter. You are welcome to browse the gallery here and any other topics that I add here that take your fancy. Or better still leave a message in the guestbook.

The previous site contained the following that are no longer available:

  1. BriSCA News - in abeyance as reliant on RSS feeds of which only stoxnet was showing current information.
  2. SCSA News - sadly although not demised as such the long track USA style at Rockingham isn't recognised as a fully fledged series in its own right and it's a few years since I attended anything they have done.
  3. NASCAR News - obviously still in existence and thanks to Channel 5 I follow the season sprint and chase for the NEXTEL Cup and I might continue something for this either her on stockcarGOLD.
  4. F1 & A1GP News - as with NASCAR I follow the Grand Prix racing on the box and may still include something here.
  5. Race Calendar - Effectively a fixture list and car sharing pool which with out the volume of visitors that sites like stoxnet attract this was never going to get off the ground and it didn't.
  6. The blog - any thing I've to say, which isn't much is over at stockcarGOLD.

British Heart Foundation :: Beat heart disease.

Long story short - without help, support and advice from The British Heart Foundation since November 2008 it's unlikely I'd be able to devote time to monitoring and updating this and my other sites.

British Heart Foundation

Charity Registration No 225971

So what's going to be happening here?

Short answer is I don't know yet. Interests and life at the moment revolve around the short circuit life of BriSCA Formula 1 and a rekindled fascination with ice hockey as a leisure pursuit not to mention health matters. So expect to see;

  1. Bits and pieces about the Cassidy Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team.
  2. F1 Grand Prix news via RSS services
  3. With out wanting to put a downer on things - Heart and Diabetes matters.
  4. Web type stuff and snippets collected on my cyber travels.
BriSCA Fans Tyre Fund

BriSCA F1 Fans' Tyre Fund :: If you're interested in BriSCA F1 and would like to put something back into the sport, check out the Fans Tyre Fund.

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